Work Experience

  • Medical Device Design and Development

    As an R&D Engineer at Sunnybrook Research Institute, I developed my independent skills working on a novel angioplasty catheter

    1. In charge of developing, improving, and maintaining a C++ based computer application for real-time position tracking feedback

      I was in charge of completing the transition from a MATLAB based application to a c++ based application

    2. Spearheaded the optimization of the tracking algorithm used for tracking the tip of an angioplasty catheter

      I was able to reduce the average tracking error from 3.02 mm to 0.58 mm

    3. Designed and 3D printed a new catheter handle for use in automating the scanning of the imaging modalities

      Main Focus on integrating Optical and/or Ultrasound imaging modalities for scanning of the blood vessel

  • R&D Engineering Associate

    As an R&D Engineering Associate at Baylis Medical, I developed my skills in finalizing a product in the final stages of the design process

    1. Created alternate designs using SolidWorks for patent approval

      With a new system being released into the market, a patent was required for the capturing a new desing for pain management probes

    2. Compiled vast amounts of test data for use in FDA submission

      Spearheaded over 300 test protocols

      Assisted the external medical company RBC in running most of the V&V test protocols

    3. Worked on creating a claim that compares our system to competing products

      Formal protocol writing

      The use of statistics to come up with ideal number of trials required for proving the claim

  • Medical Device Design/R&D Student

    As a Medical Device Design co-op at Intellijoint Surgical, I developed my design skills while gaining exposure to the medical field

    1. Developed and online functional cup planning application

      As a developer for the visualization tool, I developed many features that improved surgeon experience and captured the fell for functional planning

    2. Developed a working prototype for displaying femoral offset and femoral version during hip replacement surgeries

      This research project focused on addressing surgeon concern over the global offset value provided by Intellijoint Surgical's current software system

    3. Developed 13 3D pelvis models from surgeon provided x-rays

      3D slicer was used to segment different x-ray pelvises to generate a 3D representation of the patient's pelvis

  • Production Worker at Nahanni Steel

    As a co-op student at Nahanni Steel, I performed several different tasks and had multiple responsibilities

    1. Operated over 5 different welding machines in order to produce steel products that met the required specifications and tolerences

      As the main operator, I had to ensure the parts were made efficiently and professionally in order to meet the required amount and specifications

    2. Assisted in operating and setting up different steel presses

      As the secondary operator, I had to ensure every part produced was acceptable through conducting several checking techniques

    3. Conducting quality control on certain parts produced by other employees

      Through conducting quality control, I was able to spot rejects before being shipped to the employer, as well as, fix any part that required fixing

  • Lifeguard and Swim Instructor for the City of Mississauga

    As a lifeguard and swim instructor, I had several tasks to perform and lots of responsibilty towards the participants

    1. Taught over 40 participants of different ages and skill level every shift

      As a swim instructor, I had to teach classes varying in size from 1 to 8 participants

    2. Guarded over 100 people in a team of 4 lifeguards

      As a lifeguard, I was responsible for the safety of every participant on the swimming deck

      As a member of a team, I had to constantly talk to the other members and update them of any changes or any participant that required special attention

    3. Performed daily customer care

      As a lifeguard, I had to communicate to participants how to remain safe, and answer any other questions they had

      As a swim instructor, I had clear communicate to participants what they need to work on, what they are performing correctly, and reasons as to why they may have failed the course